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Things to do

There are an extraordinary amount of things on offer designed to amuse kids both home, out and about as well as abroad.

We want to make sure you never get stuck for ideas on those rainy days, so read on if those dark clouds are gathering.


Traditional toys will always outclass video games

Playing games with one’s grandchildren is one of the most delightful aspects of being a [...]

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Bella loves Roses

Getting started with gardening

Created by Verity on 08/04/11

A love of gardening often stems from happy memories as a child ‘helping out’ in [...]

childrens activities

Rainy day ideas to keep little hands busy

Created by Charlotte on 08/04/11

So the grandchildren have landed. Whether you have been roped in at the last minute [...]

gardening with grandchildren

Get growing at school

Created by Charlotte on 08/04/11

Let’s face it: schools aren’t exactly oases of calm. But increasing numbers of schools are [...]

Trip to the library

Created by lorna on 21/01/11

  There is nothing like reading a book. So, pills on a Monday evening after [...]


Our favourite board games for your grandchildren

Created by lorna on 30/11/10

I am so thrilled that board games are back. Ok, perhaps they never really went [...]

Arty activities

Created by lorna on 30/04/10

  I love to make things, ask so when I want to entertain the grandchildren [...]


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A weekly fun & educational quiz to enjoy with your little ones

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