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Embracing new technology is what has allowed our site come to life. Without you ladies doing so, we wouldn’t exist. This section will help you improve your knowledge of new technology and learn how to apply it to help your life with your grandchildren.


Getting access to the online world

We are all told that the internet has opened up a world of opportunities, communities [...]

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Digital Photography

How to take the best digital photos

Created by Verity on 08/04/11

We all love photographs, but how can we make the best of recent major developments [...]

Digital Photos Printed

Your photos from camera to computer – made easy!

Created by Verity on 08/04/11

Sometimes it can seem a bit daunting, all those photos stuck on our cameras and [...]

Doro Phone

The easiest mobile on the market: Doro PhoneEasy

Created by Verity on 08/04/11

I don’t know about you, prostate but when I get a new mobile phone it [...]


Finding songs on the internet

Created by lorna on 08/04/11

Have you ever been in the situation when something your grandchild does reminds you of [...]

Games for family

Fun and games for the 21st century family

Created by Charlotte on 08/04/11

Recently we stumbled upon a book we really liked the look of. It’s called “Fun [...]

Grannynet internet generation

The internet for the forgotten generation

Created by Verity on 07/04/11

I love the internet. The versatility. The spontaneity. Most of all the accessibility of so [...]


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A weekly fun & educational quiz to enjoy with your little ones

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