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Flipper TV Remote Control
This remote control is ideal if, like me, you hate ...
£ 14.99
Grannynet Approved

Ordissimo 15″ Laptop
This is a laptop specifically marketed for the silver surfers ...
£ 499.00

Doro 715 mobile phone
This latest phone from the Doro range comes with all ...
£ 93.99

Apple iPad 2
The iPad 2 is a great piece of technology with ...
£ 329.00
Grannynet Approved

Gtech SW20 Power Sweeper
This product is a handy lightweight, battery powered sweeper. Its ...
£ 59.99

Timex Health Tracker
No more guessing with diet and exercise, you can create ...
£ 43.80

Easy & Robust remote control from One for All
Tired of having two remotes, one for the TV and ...
£ 17.32

Emporia RL1 Mobile Phone
The handset is such a good manageable size, not too ...
£ 27.97

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