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Back Massager by Back Advancing Back Care
Developed with the London Spine Clinic, this little back massager ...
£ 24.99
Grannynet Approved

Hotter Moonstone Boots in Red
I have arthritis in my feet and find it difficult ...
£ 90.00
Grannynet Approved

Autodotbiography – the story of your life
Autodotbiography is a digital program that is easy to follow ...
£ 250.00
Grannynet Approved

Bundlebean Go!
I have to say I loved this from the moment ...
£ 29.99
Grannynet Approved

Flipper TV Remote Control
This remote control is ideal if, like me, you hate ...
£ 14.99
Grannynet Approved

The Hippychick Hipseat
The Hippychick baby carrier is a fantastic invention. I wished ...
£ 36.95
Grannynet Approved

Hotter Shoes – Stream
Comfort & style is the keyword here with super soft ...
£ 66.00
Grannynet Approved

Climson Cooling Mattress Topper
I've had hot flushes for around 10 years now so ...
£ 299.00
Grannynet Approved

Julli Bag
I was delighted to be asked to review the Julli ...
£ 55.00
Grannynet Approved

Babyliss Big Hair
I only had a few minutes to use it the ...
£ 39.99
Grannynet Approved

Nifty at Fifty – 3 day Spa package
This three day programme at Lifehouse Spa is specially designed ...
£ 469.00
Grannynet Approved

The Fast Diet
It could be said that I am a bit of ...
£ 3.85
Grannynet Approved

Dyson DC44
I found it incredibly easy to put together with its ...
£ 279.95
Grannynet Approved

Vaseline Healthy hands + UV protection
I found this to be a great all day cream, ...
£ 2.99
Grannynet Approved

Celtic Manor Resort Hotel
Whenever the grandchildren see me they always ask the same ...
£ 150.00
Grannynet Approved

Hotter Sandals
I have been wearing these Hotter sandals – the style ...
£ 64.00
Grannynet Approved

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