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Long-distance Grannies


Ask Jackie: an international situation

Q: Hello Jackie. I would really value your take on our family situation please.   [...]

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Ask Jackie: staying close from afar

Created by Jackie Highe on 09/11/12

Q: Can you give me any tips on how to stay close to [...]


Ask Jackie: long distance grandparenting resentment

Created by Jackie Highe on 08/11/12

Q: I live a long way away from my daughter and two grandchildren. [...]


Ask Jackie: how do I tell my daughter I am moving away?

Created by Jackie Highe on 05/10/12

Q: I have the opportunity to move to Yorkshire. I am a couple of years [...]


Long distance grandparenting

Created by Lisa on 05/07/12

A personal experience When my grandson was born, impotent I was over the moon, asthma [...]

jackie highe

Ask Jackie: Family moving to Australia… how will I cope?

Created by Jackie Highe on 11/05/11

Q: My daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren who are 7, 4 and 15 months will be [...]


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