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growing old outrageously

Growing Old Outrageously

Hilary and Liz were two old school friends living on opposite sides of the world [...]

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Art and the Revolutionary

Getting your words into print

Created by Charlotte on 29/05/13

Self-publishing’s easy now. Why not turn that scribbled novel or childhood reminiscences into a book? [...]


The Silver Line helpline

Created by Charlotte on 15/02/13

Esther Rantzen talks to Grannynetters about her new helpline for older people, The Silver Line. [...]


Clas Acts wants to harnesses your knowledge

Created by Charlotte on 18/10/12

UK Retailer Clas Ohlson recruits team of budding fixers, green fingered gardeners and weekend decorators [...]


U3A: loving this way of learning

Created by Verity on 31/01/12

‘It’s a fantastic way of learning new things, it’s sociable – and, best of all, [...]


How to crochet, knit and sew

Created by Charlotte on 23/09/11

Ever wondered how to crochet?  Well wonder no, nurse more because Persil Non-Bio and Comfort Pure [...]


We’re never too old to learn

Created by Verity on 06/05/11

Helping to look after the grandchildren is very rewarding, but it doesn’t always satisfy the [...]


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