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Health and Safety

Keeping your grandchildren safe and sound will always be your primary concern, so this section of the site is an important one. Whether looking to safety-proof your house or understand what immunisations are needed when, look no further to make sure you are one step ahead of any accidents or illness.

Slapped cheek disease

Less common illnesses in children

As we now are approaching summer we will see a reduction in the amount of [...]

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Safety tips for children and babies in the home

Created by Charlotte on 05/04/11

Children instinctively bring out our protective side, but at times it is good to refresh [...]

children health

Vaccinations: know your facts

Created by Charlotte on 04/04/11

The list of vaccinations seems to be endless these days and it’s easy to get [...]

back pain children

A grandparent’s guide to back pain

Created by Charlotte on 04/04/11

I have seen many grandparents come to my surgery reporting a wide range of musculoskeletal [...]


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