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Default An extra point later and they had reached 100

Former Houston quarterback Ken Bailey remembers well the last time he played in the Astrodome. Bailey was on the sideline Cheap Hockey Jersey soaking in the spoils of another large success. The game was down to its final minutes when he noticed the chants.

"We want 100! We end up Movies Basketball Jersey needing 100! inches

Larry Gatlin, who would later team up together with bros and go on to fame as a country recording artist, had just recorded his first and only career reception, a 26-yard touchdown pass to give the Cougars a 93-6 lead (Yes, that's ninety-three points) over the visiting Tulsa Golden Hurricane. The dogs had long ago been called off, but Gatlin's family was in town from Lubbock and he was able to talk his teammates into throwing one more pass to give him a taste of glory. Now within striking distance of multi digits, the Houston dedicated smelled blood. The Cougars on the sideline smelled it too.

Coach Bill Yeoman heard the calls from the crowd and wanted nothing to do with them. Instructions made their way down the sideline that the third-string offense was to kneel on your golf ball if it had to take the field again. The defense, which included senior linebacker Wade Phillips (Yes, that's NFL coaching veteran Wade Phillips), caught wind of the plan and decided they wanted to make an attempt to appease the crowd.

Tulsa, badly overmatched to begin with and further exhausted by a flu bug that had pulled a good portion of the depth chart off its feet during the week, quickly churned through its first three downs and sent its punt team on to the field again. Most of the Tulsa roster, which included a freshman linebacker named Phil McGraw (Yes, be the one who has since shed the "McGraw" for a Medical professional. prefix and a Cheap baseball Jersey conventional tv series) had abandoned at least a quarter ago.

Phillips doesn't remember who made the decision to put the first-team defense back on the field with about Movies Football Jersey two minutes to play. But he knows he was lined up to block when Tulsa punted, and cornerback Mike Simpson promptly returned it for a touchdown College Basketball Jersey -- Houston's 14th of the game. An extra point later and they had reached 100.

"We had scored a lot of points before, but all the sudden it just got out of hand, inches Phillips said. inches... To be honest, I'm surprised someone else hasn't already done it yet. inches

It has been 49 years since Houston hit the century mark in the Astrodome, and no Division I football team has matched the mark since. Despite the huge increase in offensive efficiency in the 21st century, no team in the past 10 years has come within two touchdowns of matching the 1968 Cougars' biggest day. Which raises the question: Will anyone do it again?

"That would be really cool, inches says Received Lock, who threw for five touchdowns in Missouri's 79-0 rout of Delaware State last September -- the highest point total of the 2016 season. The Tigers opened up a 58-0 lead before both teams agreed to play 10-minute sectors in the second half. Lock says it might be tough in SEC country, but he believes reaching 100 is feasible in the right circumstances.

Houston reached 70-plus points in two other games earlier that year thanks largely to its revolutionary veer offense, but the Cougars needed a near-perfect storm to make the sizable leap to 100. Some of the elements that helped them get there are still easy enough to imagine in a game today. Others might be harder to come by.
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