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Default ayurvedic therapy treatment in kerala

The meaning of ayurveda, ayu means life Veda means knowledge. It’s called knowledge of life. And ayurveda is one of the most traditional treatment in Kerala .it is doing for deep body relaxation and mind relaxing .and it’s doing for somebody pains and born joint problem etc…they have lot of treatment in ayurveda. Such like kizhi, pizhichil, shirodhara, vasthi etc...For treatment they are using ayrveda oils and natural ayurveda leaves. So it has no side effect. And the pains gone suddenly and it not come back again. And in years and years back our famous Kerala traditional art kalari payattu .they do with this ayurveda for getting flexible bodies’ .and removing wounds from their bodies. The most treatment using after a full body massage with mixing combination of ayurveda oils like kottamchukkathi, danwandaram, karpooraathi, murivenna, Pindathylam etc….These are most powerful combination oils in ayurveda and getting relaxing pains. today most of the resorts they do ayurveda relaxation massages .most of the working peoples doing massages for mind relaxing and getting relaxation from working stress .Mostly IT workers are take body massages in weekly twice .the treatment is really help to’s not only for removing body pain or mind relaxing .It helps to hair falls, hair fail, removing dandraf,continous head pain,migrins etc. ayurvedic therapy treatment in kerala
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