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Default Nylon Ball transfer unit, POM Ball,Nylon Ball,Plastic Transfer Ball Units

Du bushings graphite bronze bushings polyurethane bushings
The importance of roller linear guide on the mechanical equipment

Bearing in the process of "" of low speed and heavy loading operation, the motor can rotate converted into mechanical power and WQZ self-lubricating bearing change direction, its use lifespan of MPBZ oil-free bushings improve equipment operation rate and productivity have the effect of key components, so in production, to strengthen the inspection tour of equipment bearing regularly at ordinary times, gas, oil changes, maintenance is extremely important.

Second, the classification of the bearing

SWPB Bimetal Bushing can be divided into two categories, namely, sliding bearing and rolling bearing.Sliding bearing has two forms: the first kind, stationary, bearing and bearing pouring into an organic whole, the first LFB two split type oil-free bushings, bearing and the bearing seat fission.This form to facilitate maintenance.Rolling bearing is divided into four forms:

(1), thrust bearing, bearing axial load;

(2), angular contact bearings, bearing radial and axial load.

(3), the centripetal bearing, bearing radial load;

(4), general bearing.Bearing is widely used, different equipment performance, load characteristics, technical requirements, different types of bearings and the configuration.

According to the relevant state regulations on use of bearing, the highest temperature in the operation of the sliding bearing in no greater than 60 ℃, the highest temperature rolling bearing in the operation principle of not greater than 70 ℃.Top oil temperature not to exceed 60 ℃, otherwise easy to bearing damage and breakage.

The formation of the three, Nylon Ball transfer unit, POM Ball,Nylon Ball,Plastic Transfer Ball Unit damage and failure

Bearing damage and failure are serious loss of oil formation, fatigue damage, impurities into the damage caused by permanent deformation and protection frame.
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