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Default DU-P slide bearings DP4 slding beairng top bearing manufacturers

Introduces the performance characteristics of sheath material
Copper set of need to give roller slide bearing.Is all kinds of copper alloy used for mechanical parts lubrication.With an SOB graphite copper sets of various large, heavy machinery, is an important piece of machinery.

The performance characteristics of copper set of material:

1, ZCuSn10Pb1

High hardness,DU-P slide bearings DP4 slding beairng excellent wear resistance, not easily get killed phenomenon, has the injection molding machine copper, good casting properties and machinability, self-lubricating skateboarding in the air and water, and have good corrosion resistance.(below 20 mpa) can be used in high load and high sliding speed (8 m/s) work under the wearing parts, such as connecting rod, bushings, bearings, gears, worm gear, etc.

2, ZCuSn10Pb5

Corrosion resistance, particularly of dilute sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid and fatty acids.Structural materials, corrosion resistant, acid accessories and crusher bushing and bearing shell.

3, ZCuPb10Sn10

Lubrication performance, wear resistance and corrosion resistant performance is good, suitable for bimetal casting materials.For vehicle bearing, the peak load of 100 mpa bimetallic bearing bush of the internal combustion engine, and the piston pin, friction block, etc.

4, ZCuPb15Sn8

Under the condition of lack of lubricant and use water quality lubricants, sliding and lubricating, free cutting, casting performance is poor, for dilute sulfuric acid corrosion resistant performance is good.Surface pressure is high, and the lateral pressure of bearing, copper cooling pipe can be made from cold rolling mill, impact resistance load of up to 50 mpa parts, internal combustion engines of bimetallic bearing, mainly used for the biggest load of 70 mpa of piston pin set, acid-proof accessories.

5, ZCuZn38Mn2Pb2

Have good mechanical properties and corrosion resistance, good wear resistance, good cutting performance.General IS-25 ball transfer unit,120kg load capacity ,25mm steel ball purpose structure, ship, instrument features simple use of castings, such as sleeve, sleeve, bearings, slider, etc.
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