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Default the platform can be fully

Although as a 36-year-old man, and sometimes there Adrian Dantley Jersey are some slight trouble lingering in the heart, always feel that they can be better, came a variety of news to stimulate everyone's nerves, the students venture to tens of millions , That former colleagues to be an APP and seize the millions of silk market, like a distant horn, and occasionally think of it, enough to sleep a middle of the night, these people have never been to the old eyes, and now compare their own situation , Stable middle class so that the old man can not come out half a step, every day still received a variety of phone, is the beginning of a "There is a new project", the old heart to sneer: the lack of funds start / What "business is a kind of faith", now old to see clearly, he does not need any faith, you need someone to play money every month to his money. Although the current life in this city can only be crowded with tens of millions of people in the middle, but also be defeated more than 60% from the city out of the village of the proletariat, think of this layer of old to peace of mind. All this to the 36-year-old tail are screeching halt, the initial wife also said with emotion, to come forward is a hero, and the old man came to sigh for half a month, his wife's face has become a bit ugly, urging him Go out to find a way, after all, 50,000 per month it There is a message on the phone prompts to remind the old car repair is about to expire, this year's maintenance need to make an appointment in advance. Every day such a message do not know how much to receive, each of the back is a sum of money, old to ignore all, every month to find a weekend to deal with these chores, insurance, water, property, water and electricity, large and small money to play Go out and build together the fortress of middle class life. Now this information allows the old to stare at the half-day, old sigh and sigh, he remembered the stock market turmoil that day, driving from a securities company downstairs to see the The man's body, do not know what kind of a person, after death on the formation of such a pool, pulled up around the tape, only a police car parked on the side, after returning home to put all the hands of the stock out , That was down ten thousand, but the old heart was out of a long gas, but fortunately did not listen to some people say to buy a lever. Since then the old investment mentality tends to be conservative, and my mind made up my mind to work well back to the family, it seems that the world is difficult to set. 2, Home for a week old to want to take advantage of this time also with the family out of the place near the place to play a place to disperse and ask his wife want to go where his wife did not say that now how to play mood. Think about their own votes to check the Raiders, but also feel trouble, so every day wake up to see the US drama. The second week tried to throw a stone, but also ran a Nike Adrian Dantley Jersey few companies, not the salary is not too old to look down on. Now always come home every time the mentality is not the same, every time before entering the district, should be in the vicinity of the green belt wandering about pumping smoke: middle-aged man turned the road ah, only to this point only to find Really hard to walk. In the heart turned countless ideas, the old to feel, or only entrepreneurs can solve their own problems in one fell swoop, in the end to do what the old to the hands of the resources stroked again and again, thinking about where to break. Now the hottest venture is the young entrepreneurial leader, a younger age than today, there are 23-year-old university graduates, tomorrow there are 17-year-old high school students, but the old always feel just some self-deception trick: young people! His pocket can have a few money? Can lively a few days? He decided to lock the object as he (formerly) the general middle class, on his superficial understanding, this group of people in the material is no lack of what is missing Meaning and sense of security, so willing to give money to help them find meaning and consolidate the sense of security. Old to come from the past to think again, more and more feel that the middle class has the money to be, must bring immeasurable market order of magnitude, do not say other people, say old to their own, has repeatedly made friends for the circle More than 80,000 times the meditation lesson inner move, if not the storm, almost going to make a trip. He had planned to contact the CEOs went one by one, come back in the friends circle "very rewarding", in recent years, rice and husband Zen philosophy of management philosophy is prevalent, to the temple practice is a level of representatives, the old To see the eye heat, quickly calculated in the mind of an account, he went to a trip, may bring three potential customers, to the company's income that at least have a million, how are a cost-effective trading. just…… Old to come out before the face of the interview to see the Buddha beads of the P2P company leadership, suddenly there is inspiration, far in the horizon in sight, this is not what you want to do the project? Thinking in an open on the irresistible, in the old to imagine, it will be a set of social, electricity, advertising, content in one of the APP, the name is called "must Mi" Well, take "infinite" meaning, the main interface Is a mountain, quiet and far away, the view of the people are cruel, the point of a certain entrance will appear a bunch of beads, grain mellow, real sense, you can in the meeting gap, VIP room and other aircraft at any time out of caress Unpredictable, the platform can be fully introduced a variety of high-end crowd needs, the old fritters can also wear a mask to lick each other life injury, to attract members to attract life to attract members ... ...
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