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Default What will be the upcoming future technology?

In future, few technology advancements will change the world. Scientist, researcher, the developer even the designer all around the world will try to work on the given ideas which will benefit the human race a lot.

1. Ultra 5G internet: With help of drone and satellite there will be the introduction of 5G internet which will be the fastest net ever.
2. 5D drives: it will be smaller in size but will restore terabytes of data.
3. Underground Tunnels: Norway is working on making underground sea tunnels which will be transparent as well so you can have the view of the sea as well.
4. Oxygen Injections:
In future, there will be oxygen injection which will be injected and will work as particle-bubble in your system.
5. Bioluminescent trees:
These trees will glow at night. The scientist has worked on it and they are just planning to make the things final and introduced it to the world.

Allison Davis
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