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Default wpc fence direction from the bottom

floor tiles had better use "dry shop" method. 5, bathroom floor tiles should be set aside about 1% of the slope, and below the floor tiles around 10mm. Kitchen floor tiles should be appropriate to reduce the slope. In 6, yang angle should be used when the 45 degree angle cutting processing, waist line along the upper edge of the window should be.

brick paving after 3-5 days before drilling construction, "laying tiles on the day after the re construction. Wall tiles shop notes 1, in the shop before, the first to do basic treatment, the walls of all kinds of dirt to clean up, and one day ahead of the wet. 2, wall brick line should be selected, and should be more than 2 hours of water immersion, dry surface water reserve. 3, laying the line before laying the line and row of bricks, non - the whole brick should be discharged in the secondary parts or shade corners,

the best to the direction from the bottom, from the bottom to start the whole brick laying to ensure that the whole bathroom renovation effect. Each wall should not be excluded two integer and non integer width of not less than the whole wide brick brick tile should pay attention to 1/2. should be ranked in the top half brick, brick seam width 2~4MM. 4, the cement mortar should be covered with the back surface of the brick wall,
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