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Default composed of several layers wpc floor

and Matt type floor decoration effect is also very good, home decoration is often used. The characteristics of solid wood flooring, material temperature, Juegan good, true nature. Smooth and uniform surface coating, size, large selection, easy maintenance. However, due to the physical characteristics of wood itself, this kind of floor in dry or wet environment, easy to produce deformation, anti Alice and other phenomena, installation is also more trouble. 2, the so-called composite wood flooring flooring,

is composed of several layers, arranged in a crisscross pattern after insect resistant mouldproof processing pine veneer as the base material, then add 1 - 5 mm thickness ranging from a single wood surface, finally the dust drip paint coating work, evenly coated on the surface of the paint and the tenon wood floor. Composite floor because of the use of "three plywood" structure, so some of the wood moisture content due to the deformation of wood. But cracks easily, as well, has good abrasion resistance,

maintenance is convenient. But some of the products on the floorThe floor at home every day, walking in the above, sometimes more guests directly to the guests do not take off shoes inside, so it is easy to wear the floor, in fact every day we will clean up the floor, but want to make floor maintenance better, longer service life, so the floor maintenance needs to pay attention to some problems, so as to avoid damage on the floor below, along with a look at what issues need attention.
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