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Blogs are like a personal diary or one person’s train of thought. Have a read of what our real life grannies have to say about their lives.

Mothering Sunday

Created by lorna on 12/03/10

  Doesn’t it become complicated when there are three generations of mothers that need to [...]

Moments in my week that I would like to remember…

Created by lorna on 06/02/10

  It has been half term and Grandpa and I have had our daughters and [...]

Accidents do happen but why in my house?

Created by lorna on 04/02/10

  When my children were young, allergy I always chose a practical colour for carpets, [...]

Why is it that at my time of life I seem to be always thinking of food?

Created by lorna on 22/01/10

  Personally I try not to put on too much weight, nurse but find it [...]

Hello grannynetters!

Created by lorna on 11/01/10

  Hello. My name is Lorna and I am a grandparent of four grandchildren aged [...]


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