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Lorna Edwards’ Blog


Beware of text fraud

It only seemed a bit of fun at the time when I received a text [...]

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Lorna Edwards Grannyset

A new experience

Created by lorna on 07/05/13

It all began with a book cover.  I was browsing through the Tate Gallery bookshop [...]

Lorna Edwards Grannyset

The state of our nation

Created by lorna on 12/04/13

A few weeks ago whilst having a heated debate on the state of this country, [...]

Lorna Edwards Grannyset

Mothering Sunday

Created by lorna on 12/03/13

The OH is adamant that he will not celebrate Fathers Day as he says its [...]

Lorna Edwards Grannyset

Are Grandparents to be avoided?

Created by lorna on 15/02/13

I will explain why I have asked this question. Imagine OH and I are attending [...]

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Young at Heart

Created by Charlotte on 21/01/13

I don’t know about you but I still feel young.  I don’t look it and [...]

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Created by lorna on 11/12/12

One morning Grandpa decided to tell me that I should prepare myself for the a [...]

Lorna Edwards Grannyset

10 essential toys for grandchildren

Created by lorna on 22/10/12

I recently read an article about the essential list of toys for children.  Its point [...]

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Nice Bear Naughty Bear app

Created by lorna on 25/04/12

Lorna’s rating: 3 out of 5. I have spent most of my adult life using reward [...]

Lorna Edwards Grannyset

I find the American approach to medicines and creams fascinating

Created by lorna on 02/03/12

On our recent travels in the USA, bronchi Grandpa and I got into the habit [...]


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