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Elaine Harvell’s Blog


Spring has sprung

It would seem at last the warmer weather is on its way. Are you ready [...]

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Weightloss and fitness update

Created by Elaine on 08/03/12

Well its been a couple of months since my last blog. I am pleased to [...]


My small changes for a new me

Created by Elaine on 25/01/12

Well we are almost through January and Christmas already is but a memory. I have [...]

New Year New You

Created by Elaine on 13/01/12

Well ladies the new year is upon us,and just going to wish everyone a happy [...]


Oh Gok, I’m disappointed

Created by Elaine on 09/10/11

Well ladies I took it upon myself to investigate Gok’s new designs in our local [...]


Created by Elaine on 28/09/11

Scary thought, but the Christmas season is sneaking up on us ladies. Time for some [...]


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