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Ask Jackie

Jackie is Grannynet’s Agony Aunt (or should we say Agony Granny!) and is the author of the brilliant The Modern Grandparents’ Guide which we think every good granny should own a copy of (Published by Piatkus, £7.19 on Amazon).

Below you can read Jackie’s responses to a great number of issues facing the modern grandparents. So if you find you have an issue with contact, discipline or your relationship with your children or grandchildren, we recommend you take a look at her great advice.


jackie highe

Ask Jackie: Confused toddler

Q: Just started looking after my grandson 3 days a week and never had any [...]

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jackie highe

Ask Jackie: Parents breaking up

Created by Jackie Highe on 22/04/11

Q: My daughter is going through a bad break up. Children aged 5 and 7. [...]


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