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Getting you started on Grannynet

using grannynet

We want you to feel at home on Grannynet.  So to help the newbies settle in we’ve put together a few pointers to help you on your way…


  • The top menu displays the different sections on the site, such as ADVICE or REVIEWS. This menu is the same on every page, so you can always easily find the new section you want to visit.  


  • Sometimes the article you are looking for may not be on the introductory page. To find it, either browse through the articles in that topic under ADVICE using the pagination at the bottom (numbers of pages!), or use the search box at the top right of every page.


  • To use the search box, just type your question or area of interest and if we have what you are looking for, the search function will find it.


  • You can view all of our articles and forum topics, but to comment on or share them with friends, you must become a member of Grannynet. 


  • Becoming a member is free and simple, just click here to complete the registration form. This will give you access to the forum, sign you up for the newsletter and allow you to contribute to every part of the site. 




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